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Puerto Rico Alchemy has undoubtedly consolidated its position as the leading artisanal manufacturer in all of Puerto Rico. You only have to look at the 12 aggregate awards they won in 2021, 2022 and 2023 for best manufacturing center, best liquid and solid concentrate, best cartridge oil and best edible to recognize that PRA is here and here to stay.

Located in the island’s northern coastal town of Barceloneta, PRA was founded in 2018 by two best friends, Rene V. Fernandez and Eric Mitchell, who met in college while pursuing degrees in engineering and bonded over their passion for cannabis and surfing.

After graduating college, they both worked at the same construction engineering firm where they met Paul Sherman who later would become their cannabis consulting partner, along with Brice Sherman, Adam Chase, and Lynn Sherman. They, also cannabis enthusiasts, decided to ride the green wave of cannabis and in 2015 moved to Oregon to found Willamette Valley Alchemy.

Then, years later when medical cannabis became legal in Puerto Rico, Rene and Eric, knowing not only first-hand but also through their Willamette Valley Alchemy partners about the versatility and myriad of benefits that high-quality, full spectrum cannabis extractions can provide to a wide range of patients decided to leave their engineering careers, break open their piggy banks, and start PRA.

Since day one PRA’s mission has been clear and simple. It is to provide patients access to supreme sources of cannabinoids and in the process, deliver something more than a product: an experience of well-being enhanced by the unique flavor and aroma of each specific strain. This they achieve by collaborating with top cannabis growers on the island and meticulously selecting strains with exceptional genetic lineup. Then, at PRA’s state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extraction lab they use a proprietary blend of solvents to retain only the selected cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. The end result? Liquid gold with high ranges of THC and terpenes that is both smooth and aromatic and most importantly without any impurities. These processes, along with PRA’s commitment to excellence, are the recipe for their award-winning products.

Pese el hecho que PRA es una compañía pequeña compuesta por sus fundadores, Rene y Eric, y sus cuatro empleados: Adrián, JJ, Carlos y Mili, la pasión y el entusiasmo por lo que hacen es gigante. Como aficionados del cannabis, todos respetan la planta y reconocen que ella es la estrella de la película. Por tal razón, PRA no utiliza aditivos ni rellenos ni añade ningún terpeno. Por el contrario, PRA se asegura en mantener el producto lo más orgánico posible para así resaltar la personalidad autentica y única de cada cepa. Una de las metas de PRA es fomentar una cultura artesanal de cannabis en Puerto Rico, no solo a través de sus productos, sino también a través de su misión y respeto hacia la planta. “Para nosotros, lo más importante es la calidad. Lo más importante es la experiencia que ofrecemos.”

Learn about our Oregon partners, Willamette Valley Alchemy

Willamette Valley Alchemy’s mission is to provide the high-end cannabis community with superior extracts, cartridges and edibles. WVA leads this new industry by pairing passion with integrity. We cherish our relationships with Oregon’s finest producers, pride ourselves in raising the bar for consumer experience, and humbly serve dispensaries with friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

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